Ok don’t panic, this is not a virus, worm of any kind of malware that was released lately.

Yet I have to confess many of my friends sometimes hesitate to connect their flash drives into my PC because of this application. USBStealer is an application that copies content of plugged USBs automatically upon detection, camouflaging itself as a simple USB scanner searching for malicious scripts.

The idea behind it came to me when I was in class back in college and noticed that the USB that the instructor plugs in the lab contains possible future Pop Quizzes, so I had this idea of coding a program operating in stealth mode that detects the instructors USB and copies all the data including the tests and Yey I win. Pretty villainous idea I know.

I’ve developed the application and kept improving it and the funny thing is I never used it for its main purpose (Stealing quizzes from the instructor), yet I did test it locally and in real life it was tested by my friend, so its not me 🙂

So how it works

When the application is started an icon will show up in the system tray of the task bar as shown below, and it will be waiting for any flash disk to be plugged.

UScanner Toolbar

When you connect a flash disk to a USB port, the application will directly popup that the scan has started, pretending to be checking for malicious script or so.


and finally when the scan is completed, it will show an information balloon stating that the scan has completed.


Later you can go to your root directory (C:\), check for a folder (called it ironically) “StolenData” and everything is there.

I decided to share the project source code with you to check, use, improve, and do what ever you want with. The solution was developed using C#.NET on Visual Studio 2008 then migrated to 2010 and can be found on GitHub as USBStealer.

Let me know what do you think? Any improvements and features to recommend :P?