Digital Privacy as I mentioned in my previous post has many questions and assumptions around it, in addition to that it is not only threatened on the internet, yet more dangerously in locations that we might never thought of before, like the photocopier we use at the office, copy center, etc…

Every photo copier have an internal hard drive storing everything being scanned, copied, faxed, and more, and as you might probably know many forensics techniques and tools nowadays are available for free online to recover data deleted or lost during format. A personal favorite tool is Recuva having a great GUI, simple and easy functionality.

You can check How Can I Recover Data from a Dead or Erased Hard Drive? for more information on the process of data recovery.

If these hard drives were not dealt with consciously after the end of life of the product (photo copier or anything else), a digital goldmine of sensitive and private data will be opened for unauthorized people.

Here is  a CBS news report showing the dangers around selling used photocopiers and the kind of documents that can be recovered.