Couple of weeks ago Sebastian from the Scientific Ocean Blog published a review about a great new programming learning platform called Codecademy, he described the platform format, teaching techniques, courses offered and the most intriguing part is the comparison with Udacity another great learning platform.

Refreshing My Knowledge

After checking Codecademy I’ve decide to sign up and check the courses, after all why not refreshing my knowledge even if I had to start with the easy stuff again. From the courses list, JavaScript seamed a great place to start. Devoting 10 to 15 minutes everyday were enough to complete the course and the refresh process.

Rewinding JavaScript

The course started with a typical introduction about the language and its usage, then continued to introduce new topic with every section such as functions, loop statements, control flow, then to data structure and objects. Its beauty is with the way it is structured, the sections described above and their subsections handling different scenarios, explaining the syntax usage, practicing and then building a certain game or a small app. In addition to that the online interpreter is what makes it even better, you can try and practice what you’ve learned directly in the browser and check if the syntax is correct and if the problem was solved correctly (which will get you reward points and badges as described by Sebastian).

The added value

I am not a beginner in JavaScript, I’ve been using it in my web projects since years now, experimenting and going through the JS course provided by Codeacademy was a knowledge refreshing and test at the same time, and I would recommend anyone to check it, experiment, learn and remember the JScript syntax even if they were experts in it. Sometime small knowledge gaps might be filled by simple and easy exercises.

My next steps would be “Refreshing My JQuery” and “Updating My Python“, what’s yours?

The Good Parts

One final advice concerning JavaScript is to learn about its “Good Parts” and a good place to check is Douglas Crockford book JavaScript: The Good Parts, in addition to that you can have a look at Crockford’s talk about the subject at Google’s Tech Talks.

Happy Learning and Refreshing.

Image courtesy of scientific-ocean