As a great initiative for newly young startups, Startup PACK is introducing a second of its kind giveaway pack, focused for developers only, bundled with great services and freebies worth around 10,000$ in total if you were lucky enough and chosen from the 250 winners.

Are you Eligible?

To be eligible for the initiative and apply you have to meet the following requirements:

  • You are a startup.
  • You must have formed a company to represent your business.
  • Less than two years passed since your lunching
  • Still haven’t hit the $250k value

How to Get Started?

Warning: For geeks only: Apply via an API call 🙂

You are eligible and you need to apply, so go to and click the apply button you have 9 days left.

  1. You have to prove that you are a human 🙂 through a small funny test similar to the following example.

    Are you one of us (human) ? Test.
    Are you one of us (human) ? Test.
  2. OK Great you are one of us (Human), “Here comes the tricky part” there is no application form to fill and submit, you have to prove you can code as well (Remember it’s a Pack for Developers). So you have to apply through an API call, interesting right?
    1. A Token will be provided
    2. POST URL
    3. Required Parameters such as Token, Name, Company, Email, etc…
    4. Example Request and Response

{“status”:”success”,”message”:”Bingo! You successfully passed the test with an A+ score! To validate your application, check your inbox now and click on the link you received from us.”}

The Freebies

The free stuff that you will get include:

All the lucky 250 starups will be selected randomly and notified by email.

To apply visit Startup Pack Website

>> Knew about the Pack and application from TechCrunch – Developer Tools — Including GitHub, Zencoder, AWS — Offered Free To 250 Young Startups In Second Startup Pack Giveaway