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Acceptance of Friendly-Good Computer Worms Security Architectures- Survey


Taking Advantage of Google’s Services to Obfuscate Spammers Phishy URL’s

Obfuscating phishy and “shady” URLs, as Warner called them in his Blog post, is nothing new. We’ve been witnessing various mutated techniques from spammers attempting to obfuscate their real intentions behind their shared URL’s in an attempt to increase the probability of successful phishing victimization and to evade detection from spam filters.

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Increased Phishing Threats with Obfuscation

We’ve talked about being a phishing victim before and how to protect ourselves, yet as everything evolves and mutate, new techniques are always implemented, and used to increase the probability¬†of successful phishing attempts and evade detection.

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Getting Started With Memory Forensics

Memory forensics/analysis is an interesting playground in the security and digital forensics investigation area, it consists of acquiring and analyzing the image of a volatile running computer memory. With the right tools and techniques, various interesting forensics artifacts can be extracted and examined leading to better understand the content of the captured memory image. In this article we are going to scratch the tip of the iceberg in this topic by introducing two simple yet powerful tools (DumpIt and Volatility) that can help you start playing around in this area.

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Kentico How To: Custom Filter Control In CMSDesk Listing Mode

In a recent Kentico project I was asked for some custom filtering options to the CMSDesk listing page of specific document types, allowing users to filter the documents based on specific fields of the document types.

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