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Tracked by Chrome Extensions

So what’s going on? briefly, if you use Google Chrome as your main browser and extend its functionality with some of its many available extensions then you might be susceptible to behavioral tracking.

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Photocopiers A Digital Goldmine Waiting To Be Exploited

Digital Privacy as I mentioned in my previous post has many questions and assumptions around it, in addition to that it is not only threatened on the internet, yet more dangerously in locations that we might never thought of before, like the photocopier we use at the office, copy center, etc…

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Digital Privacy: Is It Real?

Our digital privacy, if we may call it, is getting a lot of attention, reviews, argument, etc… Many users are freaking out fearing for their personal and private information not to be exposed to the public or used by unauthorized people; some start doing things about it (not sure how much effective after getting too deep into the digital life) and some either don’t care about it or they don’t know what does it mean or what are its effects.

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