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The Power of Social Engineering

In this Youtube video you will see how a skilled hacker can exploit our social vulnerabilities and tap into our human system to reveal sensitive information and infiltrate our digital life.


Cellular Networks SS7 Design Flaws Exploited to Hack Facebook Logins

The Short Story

In short, your Facebook account, and most probably other accounts (Google, Twitter, etc…) can be hacked, no matter how strong and complex your password is. Continue reading “Cellular Networks SS7 Design Flaws Exploited to Hack Facebook Logins”

Beware from Social Engineering Two-Factor Authentication

Various tech giants data breaches were reported lately, with millions of accounts passwords and information being leaked (ex: Twitter, LinkedIn, Email Service Giants, etc…) as if this is not bad news already, hackers are now using those leaked information to target accounts with enabled Two-Factor authentication (2FA) where activated.

Continue reading “Beware from Social Engineering Two-Factor Authentication”

Taking Advantage of Google’s Services to Obfuscate Spammers Phishy URL’s

Obfuscating phishy and “shady” URLs, as Warner called them in his Blog post, is nothing new. We’ve been witnessing various mutated techniques from spammers attempting to obfuscate their real intentions behind their shared URL’s in an attempt to increase the probability of successful phishing victimization and to evade detection from spam filters.

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Increased Phishing Threats with Obfuscation

We’ve talked about being a phishing victim before and how to protect ourselves, yet as everything evolves and mutate, new techniques are always implemented, and used to increase the probability¬†of successful phishing attempts and evade detection.

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